Driver Testimonials

Dato’ Jaafar Dato’ Abdul Hamid

It has been an honor and privilege to work with the Meritus team. The teams ‘professional conduct and dogged determinism’ in steering and developing Jazeman’s race-craft, supported his stellar performances to win his first championship at fourteen.

Jazman Jaafar
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Earl Bamber

I first drove for Meritus in 2006 in Formula BMW Asia. Meritus provided a fantastic service throughout the championship. From the outset it was very clear they were a team set on winning.

Earl bamber
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Jack Lemvard

I drove in three events with Meritus, in 2007 coming in the middle of the year in Formula BMW Asia. Having had no previous experience in this formula racing, I was enabled by them to win in my first race, through the dedication, skill and professionalism shown to me by the team.

Jack Lemvard
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