Driver Testimonials

Ross Jamison

First and foremost Meritus exists to win races. That is the mentality of the team. This tone is set from leading figures in the team and runs down to the last mechanic.

ross jamison
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Dan Alexandrescu Praise for Romanian Doru Sechelariu

In each formula for every driver, victory is the single main target. When you start in the single-make competition like Formula BMW you think only about climbing onto the podium and striving for success.

Michael Patrizi

In 2005 I was lucky enough to drive for Team Meritus in the Formula BMW Asian championship.
My experience with Team Meritus and team owner Peter Thompson will remain with me as a highlight and pivotal part of my successful career. The level of professionalism they display on and off track most teams around the world should model themselves on.

Michael Patrizi
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