Formula 4 SEA Background Information

Posted on June 28, 2016

F4SEA Organiser the AAM Chairman HH Tungku Datuk Mudzaffar comments: “We have 60 years of heritage in the sport and South East Asia does not want to be left behind. The FIA F4SEA will start next August and we want to go full steam and hopefully one of the racers will make it to Formula 1. The AAM is the lead ASN and we want to make F4SEA an international success story to highlight alternative motorsport career opportunities in Asia.”

Firhat Mokhzani F4SEA Promoter (Triple A) explains: “Formula 4 SEA is the only FIA-certified championship in South East Asia in which the top 7 drivers will earn super licence points. The FIA have simplified the decision-making for race families and F4SEA is the next step after karting, for the same cost. The Triple A Group will extend our AsiaCup Series ‘one’ concept to F4SEA and also we hope to F3 as part of the Asian motorsport ecosystem expansion.”

Peter Thompson, F4SEA Promoter (Triple A) adds: “Our AsiaCup Series reduced the financial barriers to transition to formula racing. Our winning heritage, combined with the FIA’s F4 global format, on Asia’s modern and safe circuit infrastructure provides all the ingredients for the success of the only world-class driver development championship in South East Asia.

For a quarter of a century MERITUS has been developing its motorsport sponsor activation and race engineering services, successfully showcasing Fortune 500 sponsors and their products to millions of motorsport fans throughout Asia Pacific and the Middle East. With stakeholders in Asia and the Middle East we are a locally global race organization.

A budget of €100,000 for 30 races makes F4SEA the most cost-effective F4 championship in the world, while our unique open data rule optimizes success and ensures talent wins. Our association with Renault Sport Racing means our young drivers will be ‘under the radar’ of Renault Sport Academy and we hope that our champions will be rewarded following an end of season Formula Renault 2.0 test.”