Race 29 saw a slight change to the start procedure with the circuit opting for a rolling start after a small issue with the starting lights. The Fiery Finn wasn’t about to let that ruin his day and put his foot to the floor coming out of turn 15, with the sizzling Irishman hot on his heels.

The duo raced into turn 1, with the usual mass of cars at the first corner now spread out due to the rolling start. Lucca had a look up the inside but stayed behind the Finn, following in his wake around the 5.543km long circuit.

Lucca went faster in the first sector by 2 tenths, but Elias gained it back in the second sector.  Muizz Musyaffa went fastest in the third and fourth sectors, signalling the start of his attack for second place.

But the battle for fourth was already in full force. Nico Pino, Fred Peters and Sohil Shah all tussled for position. After qualifying fourth in his first ever formula car race, Pino was doing well to keep Peters and Shah behind him.

Up front, Muizz Musyaffa had caught right up to Lucca Allen. The sizzling Irishman, now feeling the pressure from the Malaysian Rocket, had to focus on defence. This allowed Elias the chance to stretch his legs and build a gap.

The Fiery Finn did just that while Musyaffa sailed up the inside of Lucca Allen at turn 9 in one of the nicest moves we’ve seen all year. Proof that the Malaysian youngster has the talent when he can put it all together.

Back to the battle for fourth now where Fred Peters was trying again around the outside of turn 1. But he was not quite able to maintain enough momentum to cut back at turn 2 and was forced to take a less advantageous line, scrubbing his speed and compromising his exit, whereupon Sohil Shah, a new contender this weekend, pounced!

But the Portuguese rookie has a little more experience in these F4 cars and managed to hold off the attack.

I am sure that Nico let out a sigh of relief at that point, hoping for a brief interlude from the constant pressure from behind. Unfortunately for the Chilean, things went the other way. Peters managed to make a fantastic move around the outside of turn 15, the off-camber corner giving him a unique opportunity to pounce.

Nico tried to come back at the next corner, planning to maintain his speed on the outside of turn 1 to take the position at turn 2. But after realizing he had too much understeer to stick it, the Chilean tried to tuck back in behind his Portuguese rival and unfortunately the two collided at that point, relegating Nico to sixth.

At the front of the grid the Malaysian Rocket had been busy trying to catch the Fiery Finn, but Elias was just flawless in this session, keeping his times just over a tenth faster than Muizz, eventually building a gap of 3 seconds.

Elias, Muizz and Lucca were the first past the flag, while Sneha took the Leading Lady trophy.