Race 30 was a rolling start again, continuing the trend from the morning race, but this time with a reverse grid and newcomer John Dizon on pole! John led the pack down into the first corner for the Philippines while Muizz blocked out Elias. Simultaneously Fred and Nico went either side of Sneha squeezing her out while Lucca went all the way around the outside into fourth and Muizz pinched a spot through T2.

Sohil Shah made a move up the inside of turn 4 to claim first from John, who was immediately under attack from Lucca Allen. The Filipino rookie held out while Muizz Musyaffa made his way into fourth position and Fred Peters challenged Nico Pino.

Sohil tried to use the intense battling to pull out a lead, but Lucca leaped the Filipino at the entrance of final corner and was right on the Indian driver.

Sohil held out for several laps while Elias carved his way into fourth, just behind Muizz Musyaffa. But Lucca found his way past and then to the dismay of the Indian, Muizz took made a move up the inside of turn 9 which Elias undercut to take second.

The order now was Lucca, Elias, Muizz! The sizzling Irishman had a nice lead, but Elias whittled it down to nothing and eventually found his way past Lucca at T9, repeating the manoeuvre that Muizz had made on Sohil earlier in the race.

Running wide through the grass on the corner exit, Lucca was now in Muizz’ crosshairs allowing Elias to build a nice gap for himself while the duo were joined by Fred Peters in a battle for second!

The fight between the three drivers continued until the flag, where it was Elias, Lucca, Muizz. A great race and a good end to the day!