Race 32 put Elias Seppanen back on pole. The Fiery Finn lined up alongside the man who would be his main competition for the championship, Lucca Allen. Seppanen got away well, with Allen hot on his heels while Muizz Musyaffa blocked out the rest of the grid.

Elias led the race from there despite Lucca’s best efforts. The Finn responded to every fastest sector set by the Irishman, who edged out about a tenth of a second every lap and eventually earned a 1.8 second lead by the end of the race.  On the last lap he set the fastest time of the race: 2:13.602.

Muizz Musyaffa seemed to lose pace in this race, perhaps failing to take care of his tyres, lapping about 5 tenths slower than the leaders. This allowed Fred Peters to put his foot down in a bid to catch the Malaysian Rocket.

But unfortunately for Portugal, Musyaffa kept his lead and Fred had to defend his position from Nico Pino and Sohil Shah.

All in all, a good end to another great weekend, even though the action was more on the timing screens than usual.