Allen returned to pole position for the third and final time this weekend at the Madras Motor Race Track for race twenty-four of the season. The sizzling Irishman determined to repeat his performance in the last outing. But he had strong competition in the form of Shihab al Habsi and Elias Seppanen. The Omani would start second on the grid with Elias P3, although it wouldn’t stay that way for long!

Elias got past and started charging down the leader, his rival for the championship, Lucca Allen. 

The gap between the two drivers slowly closed to zero, with Elias planning his move for several laps, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Eventually the Finn pounced, snaking the sizzling Irishman through the kink and faking inside before diving outside around turn four!

But calamity struck Seppanen when the race leaders collided mid corner, leading Elias to go through the grass on the exit of turn four, spiking back onto track mid-way through turn five and colliding with the right rear wheel of Allen’s car. 

The collision compromised Elias’s aero. He had lost his front left endplate and his front plane was bent down on the left-hand side. 

Shihab al Habsi had been using the fierce competition for first to reel in the leaders, and with Elias now at a disadvantage, the Omani’s time to shine had come. 

The red number fifty-eight put up a good fight, holding off Al Habsi almost until the end of the race. But with only a few laps to go Shihab found a way past, time and the technically-demanding nature of the track eventually winning out. 

That made it Lucca, Shihab, Elias at the flag while Sneha snagged the Leading Lady trophy. An action-packed conclusion to the Tour of India.