In perhaps the most action-packed race so far here at the Madras Motor Race Track, Sneha Sharma started on pole, the Indian driver alongside Yash Aradhya for a team India front row in race twenty-three of the season. 

Yash got away well to pull alongside Sneha at the start. But India’s leading lady closed the door through turn one, pushing Aradhya onto the grass and opening the field for Muizz Musyaffa and Lucca Allen to go all the way around the outside into second and third while Shihab Al Habsi took Alister, both sandwiched behind Aradhya.

Ireland and Malaysia dived past Sneha coming into turn four while the Indian driver fended off the onslaught from Shihab, Elias and Alister. This gave Muizz and Lucca a chance to pull away from the rest of the pack. But not for long as the confluence of action for position caused a collision at turn eleven bringing out the safety car. 

Muizz resumed the session two laps later, barrelling down into the first corner where Lucca had a peek for first. The Malaysian held him at bay until the second sector, until he touched the grass on the exit of turn four. 

That’s all that Lucca needed to pounce. The Irishman went around the outside of turn five to take the lead, his manoeuvre costing Muizz enough momentum for Yash to have a look. 

The orange number seventeen tried to go up the inside of the U-turn sequence of corners six and seven, but Muizz recovered mid-corner and Yash compromised his exit at turn seven, allowing Shihab past. The Omani capitalized on the situation to surge past Muizz around the outside of turn eight. 

The race would go on to finish in that order with Elias racking up another rookie trophy and Mira bagging the Leading Lady category.