Hadrian David led us down into turn 1 of race 25, the Frenchman keeping Josh and Elias behind him through the first sector. However, some contact between Elias and Josh allowed Lucca to find his way into third at the fourth corner. It wouldn’t stay that way for long, because the battle for third position was fierce. 

Lucca, Elias, Muizz and Shihab all had a name in the game. The quartet were evenly spaced with a couple of tenths between them. With all four lapping close together, and focusing on their group, the door opened for Hadrian to build a gap. 

The Frenchman did just that, breaking into the 1:13’s and starting to pull away. But Australia’s ‘race smith’ was also in open air.  Josh found a way into the 13’s and started to chase down the man at the front of the grid.

The action though was the battle for third! Elias had managed to find his way back past Lucca and Muizz was closing in on the Irishman as well. The closing Malaysian drew Lucca’s attention from Elias. Paradoxically though, the closer Muizz got to Lucca, the more time he lost in the aero wash in the first sector. The sector where Shihab was the fastest man on track! That allowed the Omani flyer to catch the Malaysian rocket, forcing him to focus on defence and letting Lucca get away. 

This cycle would continue until the end of the race, with the drivers just too evenly matched to find a way past. Hadrian, Josh, Elias took the flag while Fred snatched rookie third and Sneha was the Leading Lady. 

All in all, a fantastic race which may make a very interesting reverse grid this afternoon.