The sizzling Irishman was back on pole for race twenty-two, the second outing here at the Madras Motor Race Track for event six of the championship. He got away well, but Alister Elias and Shihab had fantastic starts, racing up behind the man on pole. 

Muizz had started in third, but something went wrong for the Malaysian rocket and he was now defending fifth from Yash Aradhya. The Indian national racing star was all over the back of the Malaysian, giving it everything he had. But Muizz had already recovered and defended his position flawlessly, so much so that Yash couldn’t find a way past. 

Although Lucca had been edging out a lead due to the battling further down the order, the top five were lapping within three tenths of each other. The lap times seemed to alternate with Lucca pushing one lap and Alister responding the next. All the while Elias was maintaining the gap to the man in second position, patiently waiting for his chance to pounce. 

His patience paid off when Alister went a little squirrely at turn seven and Elias capitalized finding his way into second. 

Alister would stay within three tenths until the end of the race, but the Finn just drove flawlessly, making it Lucca, Elias, Alister at the flag. Unfortunately, though, despite a brilliant session, Lucca suffered a ten second jump start penalty, pushing him back to fifth and making Elias first ahead of Alister and Shihab. 

Another demanding race here at the Madras Motor Race Track.