Elias Seppanen blasted off the line in the seventeenth race of the season! The Finn flew away with Yash Aradhya and Lucca Allen just behind him. The Irishman seemed to get a better start than the Indian as they raced through turn 1 and down into the opening lap, Allen was all over the back of Aradhya, but the local racing hero held him at bay. The battle though gave Elias the space he needed to get away from the pack and the Finn started to build a nice lead for himself. 

Focused on the job at hand, Shihab al Habsi found a way past Muizz Musyaffa at turn one with Alister Yoong capitalizing on the same manoeuvre to try getting around the outside at the exit of the corner, before diving up the inside at turn 2 and securing the fifth spot. 

There would be constant battling and the top 6 were lapping within five tenths of each other, nose to tail until the end of the race. But there just wasn’t enough space to make a move and, perhaps wisely, no one was willing to try anything they weren’t one hundred percent sure of.

So, the positions would stay like that until the chequered flag, despite a few scary moments for Lucca Allen at the exit of turn 12, and the race finished with Elias Seppanen in first, Yash Aradhya in second and Lucca Allen in third. 

Great driving all round and another fantastic session from the team.