Lucca Allen got a fantastic start in race 33. The sizzling Irishman filed in behind Elias Seppanen, blocking Muizz Musyaffa from making a move, before taking the outside line at T1 in a bid to dive up the inside at T2. The action up front was just ahead of the battle for fourth between Fred Peters and Luke Thompson. 

The red and orange cars were wheel-to-wheel through the first sector of the track. Breaking into Turn 4, Lucca went around the outside of Elias to claim the top spot, with Muizz Musyaffa hot on their heels. 

That was just the first 4 corners of a race that would be defined by the wheel-to-wheel action between Lucca and Elias – the duo matched so closely that neither could make a move. For the first half of the race Elias’ times showed in the purple (fastest) sectors, while Lucca took the honours in the second half. The duo battled back and forth with Lucca sizzling under the pressure. But the Irishman did just enough to keep the Finn behind him, eventually setting the faster first sector times. 

Muizz Musyaffa also came to life in the second half, the Malaysian setting personal bests and starting to close the gap. We’ve seen in the past his ability to find time when he wants to. Unfortunately for Muizz though this time it was too little too late and he had to settle for third behind Elias who, despite staying within 3-4 tenths of a second, finished second behind Lucca Allen.